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Acupuncture Face Lift

Dr. Gong can assess the underlying issues at the crux of your cosmetic needs. The loss of collagen and dryness associated with deep wrinkling are exacerbated by many factors.

Aside from the usual culprits, stress can affect our face: not only does frowning cause additional wrinkling, but our body in crisis mode quickly becomes depleted of nutrients that support healthy hair and skin.

Dr. Gong’s facials help delay and prevent the aging process by promoting blood and lymph circulation to the face, bringing a youthful natural glow and healthy color to the complexion, while also relaxing and toning facial muscles.

It stimulates the body’s innate ability to regenerate itself, accelerating anti-inflammatory activity and removing accumulative toxins from the skin and tissues of the face.

When treating from a deep energetic level, this holistic approach helps minimize fine lines, strengthen muscle tissue, elasticity, and collagen production to help to fill out wrinkles, reduce bags under the eyes and tighten the skin.

Weight Loss or Gain

A patient’s weight is determined by many things including metabolic and digestive functioning, inflammation within the body, hormonal disturbances, sugar imbalances, water retention, energy level end emotional wellbeing.

Dr. Gong tailors a treatment plan based on the patient’s weight problem, physical state and personality. Acupuncture can not only help us lose weight, but cleanse the body, calm the nerves and promote a healthy and fun lifestyle.


Acupuncture treats acne as an expression of imbalance of hormones and emotions. Dr. Gong assesses each patient to identify the underlying cause of their skin issue and tailors a treatment plan, taking into account both physical and emotional factors  to create balance within the body.

Age Spot Removal / Melasma

The inability for our circulation system to flush waste products allows toxic and metabolic waste products to sink under our skin and after a period of time, become dark spots. However poor diet, lack of rest, mental stress and hormone imbalance are also factors that cause melanin production and spots.

Acupuncture addresses all these issues, cleaning the body from toxins and free radicals, regulating hormones, boosting the immune system, improving blood circulation, removing blood clots, repairing cells, producing more collagen and delivering an overall sense of relaxation and wellbeing.

Dr. Gong’s treatment reduces pigmentation, minimizes dark spots, and post blemish discoloration with no side effects and within a short series of treatments.

Excessive Perspiration

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine are extremely successful in the treatment of sweating. In fact, how one sweats is a key factor in identifying disharmony within the body. Sweat is considered a fundamental substance in Chinese medical text and is studied in-depth.

While sweating disorders can be treated with surgery and drugs, it is worthwhile to know that there is an alternative to invasive and often risky procedures and medications. Dr. Gong will tailor a treatment plan to bring your body into balance and stop embarrassing excess sweating.

Vision / Sight Restoration

According to Chinese acupuncture professionals, the impaired functioning of the liver is a major contributor to vision disorders. As a result, Dr. Gong’s treatment focuses on strengthening and restoring energy balance associated with the liver. In some cases, acupuncture treatment for eyesight also focuses on stress relief, depression and anxiety.

Enhanced Hair and Nail Growth

Nutritional deficiencies, medical conditions, and stress are some factors that can cause slower than normal hair and nail growth. Acupuncture can help by increasing blood circulation and encouraging relaxation and wellbeing.

Body Symmetry / Alignment

The body not being properly aligned at the major weight bearing joints– ankles, knees, hips, shoulders and spine can lead to excess wear and tear on joints, soft tissue and connective tissue. This can cause degeneration and pain.  If only the pain is relieved without fixing the dysfunctional body, the pain will return in one place or another.

Dr. Gong’s protocol for body symmetry and alignment gently guides the body into proper alignment over a course of treatments to provide a symmetric structure and pain free body.

Increase Height (Age 25 years or younger)

Acupuncture can stimulate the pituitary gland to secret more HGH (a hormone responsible for growth). Once the HGH is in the body it needs to be guided to work on bones and tissues making the person grow.

Alongside growing bones, acupuncture can also stimulate tissues and muscles associated with the bones to grow hence preventing spasm or muscle stretch.

Studies reveal that those below the age of 22 have over 70 percent chance while those above that age and below 30 a 60 percent chance of benefiting from acupuncture for height increase. Since acupuncture stimulates the body there is no side effect of the treatment at all.

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Shen Men – The Divine Gate
The Chinese Shen Men acupuncture point denotes a divine path to relief, remedy and enlightenment. Symbolically a portal to the heart, Shen Men is arguably the ultimate acupuncture point and has a powerful influence in treating various conditions.