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Meet Dr. Gong

Dr. Luojia Gong

Licensed Acupuncturist (NY & PA)
OMD (Oriental Medicine Doctor), MD (China)
Diplomat of the NCCAOM
(National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine)

Dr. Gong grew up immersed in the ancient Chinese tradition of Acupuncture. Her grandparents practiced healing through acupuncture and natural remedies and they passed along all they knew to her at a young age. By age 16 she was accepted and began to formally study acupuncture in a specialty medical school program sponsored by the Beijing Union University Medical School, one of the most renowned institution of traditional Chinese medicine in China. She spent many years working as an acupuncture practitioner and clinical researcher in Beijing, China, and in 1998 she brought her practice to the US.

As a one-of-a-kind professional invested in traditional techniques and modern research, Dr. Gong’s knowledge and understanding of Eastern medicine is advanced and comprehensive in comparison to practitioners hastily trained in the west.  Her treatment programs deliver transformative results by activating the body’s natural neurological and endocrine systems to promote healing, regenerative health and an overall increased level of balance and personal wellbeing.

Dr. Gong’s Personal Approach

With over 30 years of experience, Dr. Gong’s authentic acupuncture and related treatments offer a curative approach to health issues ranging from minor (a touch of arthritis) to serious (back pain and fertility treatment) and from  temporary injury healing to chronic conditions;  all can be effectively  treated with outcomes that allow patients to lead a more satisfying and complete lifestyle.

Dr. Gong treats each case uniquely and approaches each patient with a caring, personalized treatment plan focused on improving their overall wellbeing. Her short-term treatment plans focus on temporary relief of specific symptoms, while longer-term plans work to treat the underlying health issues for a cascading effect of overall health and wellbeing.

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Shen Men – The Divine Gate
The Chinese Shen Men acupuncture point denotes a divine path to relief, remedy and enlightenment. Symbolically a portal to the heart, Shen Men is arguably the ultimate acupuncture point and has a powerful influence in treating various conditions.